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In the aftermath of the convention, a staff member of the hotel stated that the facility did enjoy their presence, while DashCon s staff promised to provide a more thorough explanation of what had occurred. [18] Emoti-Con was later canceled, with their official Tumblr account citing personal, financial, and safety issues. In September 2014, The Daily Dot published an article where they reported on concerns that DashCon had renamed/rebranded itself Emoti-Con. 63 users here now Welcome to r/Dachshund. Concept DashCon was originally announced in mid-2013 under the name Tumbl-Con USA; a convention catered to users of the blogging platform Tumblr, and was touted as the largest gathering of Tumblr users to date. [10] Prior to the start of the convention, the name of the event was changed to DashCon (alluding to the site s dashboard feed) to indicate that it was not officially associated with Tumblr reddit dashcon. It supposedly went horribly awry and was wrought with scandal. Convention The convention was organized by DashCon LLP, a Hudson, Ohio–based limited liability partnership owned by Megan Eli and Roxanne Schwieterman. Dashcon vet game 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 3 1 5 45 [ 1268 days ago ] Funny, i have an open game where my caption was extra hour in the ball pit.

[2] The Baker Street Babes reported that the hotel payment issue was, according to organizers, a mistake reddit dashcon. DashCon organizers had verbally negotiated to pay the venue gradually throughout the convention using ticket sales, rather than issuing an upfront payment despite their contract suggesting otherwise. [2] They also stated that Emoti-Con would be functioning under a very different infrastructure than DashCon did, with a more experienced and well-rounded staff. 45 [ 1268 days ago ] @Swag Masta of Doncasta (after i Google d it this morning) I learned that it s the First Annual physically present assembly of Tumblr users. The convention raised money through ticket pre-orders, along with a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Pokefan 32 [ 1268 days ago ] @Swag Masta of Doncasta There was a paid event canceled, and they tried to appease their fans by giving them an extra hour in a deflated, urine-tainted ball pit. [9] DashCon was held from July 11 to 13, 2014, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel. Feel free to post any information that you find interesting with this wonderful breed or if you want to just post a picture of your dog, that s cool too. This is a place for owners and lovers of wonderful doxies.

[7] A small ball pit placed in one of the halls became a meme after organizers offered attendees, along with raffle and concert tickets, an extra hour in it as reimbursement for a canceled panel. Organizers speculated that the abrupt change in plans was because the hotel s management [did not] like the people at the con. to prevent the convention from being shut down.SALT.
. [9] The convention was to focus on works that have developed significant followings among Tumblr users, such as Supernatural, and the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. Also, if there are particular problems or questions that may arise, don t hesitate to message a mod and we will get your issue fixed right away. [9] Users envisioned other large quantities of items that could have been purchased with the $17,000, [9] and a video game developer created Dashcon Simulator 2014, a comedic simulation of the convention s ball pit. The post also denied claims that a similarly themed convention, Emoti-Con, was a re-branded DashCon. Stevenson, whose hotel payment had not yet been resolved, defended criticism of DashCon by other users, arguing that they were unfamiliar with what typically occurs at a convention in the first place. .

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